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Anthony Trollope: The Way We Live Now – Loc. 313955

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»Mr Alf had, moreover, discovered another fact. Abuse from those who occasionally praise is considered to be personally offensive, and they who give personal offence will sometimes make the world too hot to hold them. But censure from those who are always finding fault is regarded so much as a matter of course that it ceases to be objectionable. The caricaturist, who draws only caricatures, is held to be justifiable, let him take what liberties he may with a man’s face and person. It is his trade, and his business calls upon him to vilify all that he touches. But were an artist to publish a series of portraits, in which two out of a dozen were made to be hideous, he would certainly make two enemies, if not more. Mr Alf never made enemies, for he praised no one, and, as far as the expression of his newspaper went, was satisfied with nothing.«

Anthony Trollope: The Way We Live Now – Loc. 313955

Anthony Trollope: The Way We Live Now – Loc. 313955. Enthalten in: Anthony Trollope: Complete Works. – [Hastings] : Delphi Classics, 2011. – Version 1.

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