Dirty Night Clowns

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Chris Garneau – Dirty Night Clowns
from ROCK*iT FiLMS on Vimeo.

„Dirty Night Clowns“ is a wonderful tale of curiosity, danger and pursuit. Although its never known what the path ahead has in store, Chris takes a journey driven by his nervous curiosity to find the nefarious character who roamed about his house while he slept. What seems scary and evil from a distance might end up as something unexpected as a cast of characters lures Chris in for a special ending.

Sometimes the fates align and two passionate artists are able to collaborate on a truly special level. Singer/songwriter Chris Garneau and producer/director Ryan Gibeau were brought together by the song „Dirty Night Clowns“ from Chris‘ album El Radio. What is easily ROCK*iT’s finest moment in video history came from this collaboration and the wildly imaginative music.

We’d like to send a special thanks to Chris Garneau, Absolutely Kosher Records, Alternate Ending Studios and the entire crew for actualizing our dream of making this video! Thank You!

Director: Ryan Gibeau
Producers: Ryan Gibeau, Janelle Hawkes
Associate Producer: Nate Cohen
Master Puppeteer: Michael Leach
Puppet Builder/Puppeteer: James Wojtal
Production Designer: Danielle Brustman
Editor: Micah Levin
Alternate Ending Studios/ROCK*iT FiLMS Production

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