William Lindsay Gresham: Nightmare Alley – S. 557 – 558

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»Evansburg, Morristown, Linklater, Cooley Mills, Ocheketawney, Bale City, Boeotia, Sanders Fall, Newbridge.
  Coming: Ackerman-Zorbaugh Monster Shows. Auspices Tall Cedars of Zion, Caldwell Community Chest, Pioneer Daughters of Clay County, Kallakie Volunteer Fire Department, Loyal Order of Bison.
  Dust when it was dry. Mud when it was rainy. Swearing, steaming, sweating, scheming, bribing, bellowing, cheating, the carny went its way. It came like a pillar of fire by night, bringing excitement and new things into the drowny towns — lights and noise and the chance to win an Indian blanket, to ride on the ferris wheel, to see the wild man who fondles those rep-tiles as a mother would foundle her babes. Then it vanished in the night, leaving a trodden grass of the field and the debris of popcorn boxes and rusting tin ice-cream spoons to show where it had been.«

William Lindsay Gresham: Nightmare Alley – S. 557 – 558

Aus: William Lindsay Gresham: Nightmare Alley . – Enthalten in: Crime Novels: American Noir of the 1930s & 40s . – New York : The Library of America, 1997. – ISBN 978-1-883011-46-8

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